About us

Floor Adams (director)

Floor Adams is an animation director based in the Netherlands. She graduated cum laude in 2005 at the department of Fine Arts at the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts. She also spent six months studying animation as an Erasmus student at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent (KASK). After graduating she worked on different commissions for Public Broadcasting, MTV, the Government of the Netherlands, publishers and documentary filmmakers. Her art was on display in museums, galleries and at film festivals. Mind My Mind is her first medium-length film. 

Before Floor started focussing on producing animation full-time, she had been working for several years in psychiatry and as a carer for mentally disabled people. She also worked as an animation teacher and was a member of several creative advice committees. She got the inspiration for Mind My Mind 10 years ago, and worked on this project for over 6 years full time. Since it's release the film played at over 50 film festivals and won over 20 awards. She's currently working on a new project. 


CinéTé is a Dutch film production company that specializes in short animation. Their best-known film is Father and Daughter (Michael Dudok de Wit, 2000), which won 30 international awards including, in 2001, the Oscar for Best Short Animation. Moreover CinéTé was also involved in shorts made by Paul Driessen, Evert de Beijer and Börge Ring amongst others. Driving force and founder of CinéTé is Willem Thijssen. Since 2014 Nancy Fornoville assists him.

Fabrique Fantastique 

Fabrique Fantastique is a Belgian animation & production studio run by Tom Van Gestel.