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“‘Mind My Mind’ is a highly original animation that portrays the experience of an autistic young man as he navigates starting a romantic relationship and coping with the challenges of conversation and social interaction. The film has a beautiful message: be yourself, and celebrate the many positive qualities of being autistic. The animation team are to be congratulated for their insight into how to convey what goes on inside the mind of an autistic person during everyday decision-making, including dealing with the stresses that arise from ambiguity and sensory overload. It is encouraging that autistic viewers themselves have endorsed this film as a way of helping others to understand their experience.”

– Professor Simon Baron-Cohen
Director, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge University

“‘Mind My Mind’ offers us a way to literally see and experience how autism
characteristics play their role in flirting, romantic relationships and sexuality. The
movie is not only visually and auditory appealing; it offers a realistic insight in how social, communicative and sensory aspects related to autism influence interactions in daily lives, in a positive and respectful way. I think this movie can help the general and professional community to get a better understanding of adolescents and adults with autism and encourage autistic people to share how they experience the world, sexuality and relationships. I recommend this movie for everyone. Note for the sensory sensitive people among us: there is some overstimulation experienced and expressed in the movie. Be prepared.”

– Dr. Jeroen Dewinter
Clinical psychologist and researcher, GGzE & Tilburg University

“Honestly, the most true to life depiction of high functioning autism I’ve seen in animation or any other popular media to date. Watching this movie gave me the feeling it wasn’t created out of awareness but out of a deep understanding of the subject matter. The people who made this movie cared. I couldn’t have asked for more. A must-watch.”

– Niels Verhofstad
experience expert